Indians 1 Red Sox 8

John Lackey pitched a great game last night against Cleveland and came away with the W. The game’s start was delayed due to rain. The rain let up enough for the game to start but there was at least a constant mist/drizzle the entire game. Kudos to the fans at Fenway because it looked miserable. 

Lackey’s great night-

As I mentioned before, Lackey pitched a great game. He went 7 innings, struck out 8 batters and only allowed two hits. He walks were a little high than his other starts this season. His BB/9 was 3.86 which is the second highest rate this season. He also seemed to have good control. It appeared that Salty did not have to move his glove much when catching his pitches. I also noticed Cleveland was hitting many groundballs. I went to Fangraphs to verify and Lackey’s groundball rate was 85.7% during the game; easily beating his previous high of 64.3%. Koji Uehara came in the game in the eighth. He allowed one hit and that was about it. Alfredo Aceves, called up from AAA, came in the ninth and stuck out one batter. I was not pleased to see that Aceves was called up, as I am not a big fan, but he seemed to pitch well in the ninth here. I think it was a good idea to give Tazawa some rest. They should be well rested on Saturday.

Iglesias and Carp great in relief-

The Red Sox put Middlebrooks and Victorino on the 15 day DL before the start of the game. Jose Iglesias was called up from AAA and made his third base debut. It was only his second time playing the position at the professional level. I felt he did a great job last night. Salty made an error in the third trying to pick of Mark Reynolds at third. Iglesias was playing well of the bag and attempted to catch the throw but, no one could have caught that throw. Mike Carp came up big last night as he hit a three run homerun in the second, scoring Ortiz and Napoli. Ellsbury and Pedroia picked up 2 RBIs each with singles. 

I found this GIF the other day. I think I could watch it over and over! Atomic high five!


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