It’s been a long while!

My goodness! How fast the time does fly. Since I have last left you guys, I have a new job, new car and I am currently studying my life away for the CPA exam! Let’s start with the new job…

When I graduated this past May, I left with no jobs offers and was desperate to find anything so I wouldn’t be at home all day. I found a job in my hometown that wasn’t what I went to school for but would pay those pesky things called bills. I worked there until I received a phone call from the place where I did an internship over the summer before senior year. They said that they had a job opening and would love for me to come back! I was so excited. I loved working there and loved the people. I had an “interview” (seriously it only lasted 10 minutes!) and then the next day they officially offered me the job. I put in my three weeks notice and was outta there! Or so I thought. On my last day, my old job offered me a part time job there to help them out on nights and weekends and stupid me, I accepted. I say stupid me because now I work 40 hours at my current job, 15 hours at my old job and the rest of the time I am studying for the CPA exam. It is very tough to accomplish it all but I take the Auditing part at the beginning of April and then will have a break for about a month or so.

Now what about this new car? My poor ol’ Saturn died on me at the worst possible time in December. I was driving in the city with my boyfriend and we were going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. I was so excited because I had never seen them before. Well, we got lost and I was pulled over for running a red light that I swear was never there! While been scolded by the police, my car started to get really really hot and there was steam coming from the hood. Come to find out that my thermostat was not working and I cracked the engine block. Now, I am the proud owner of a Hyundai Elantra. I’m in love with that car! So small and roomy at the same time! If you ever need a new car, I would recomend checking out a Hyundai.

My Auditing exam is scheduled for April 8th and I am very nervous. I am using a CPA review course and it is really helping me. I just hope that I am learning the information and not just learning the answers to the practice problems!


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