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Takin’ a detour here..

I really want this blog to be a cooking/healthy living blog but I have to tell you about this fabulous weekend I had!

On Saturday, I went to the Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Fair. This was my first Celtic festival so, needless to say, I was very excited. In the past, the festival was held at Richmond International Raceway, but it has moved to Meadow Event Park. They also moved the State Fair of Virginia here and I haven’t been to the fair since it moved it there. I loved the new digs! Parking was across the road from the park but they build tunnels (way to plan ahead guys!) so we could get to the park without having to deal with the traffic. The grounds was also nice. My boyfriend even pointed out the great plants they planted! It actually looked like someone had planned what to plant, instead of just putting random plants around.

The festival was awesome! There were large men throwing stuff, great bagpipe music and crafts. They also had beer and whisky tastings. (Random fact: whisky and whiskey are two different things! I totally didn’t know that.)

Sunday- Nothing to special here. I went for a 6 mile run, helped my aunt set up her email and iPod/iTunes account and watched a little bit of racing

Monday- The best day of the all!

After a very blah day at work, I met up with the boyfriend and went to see…


Seriously one of my favorite bands of all time!

They are on tour now with Muse and I really wanted to catch one of the shows but the closest they were getting to me was Charlottesville, which isn’t to bad, but it was on a Wednesday night.

However, about a month ago, Metric added some solo dates and they actually came to Richmond! No one comes to Richmond!

Check out this set list!

  1. Black Sheep
  2. Satellite Mind
  3. Hustle Rose
  4. Poster of A Girl
  5. Help I’m Alive
  6. Twilight Galaxy
  7. Empty
  8. Gold Guns Girls
  9. Gimme Sympathy
  10. Sick Muse
  11. Dead Disco
  12. Stadium Love
  13. Monster Hospital
  14. Combat Baby

Emily Haines is definelty the entertainer! She was dancing/moving around the stage the whole time. James Shaw was amazing on guitar. Joules Scott-Key and Josh Winstead were killing it on drums and bass guitar! I loved LOVED the show. The crowd was into it too! There was a lot of people dancing and singing along. My favorite song last night was Combat Baby. It was just Emily and James and there was a lot of audience participation. Freaking amazing show!