Running is my therapy!

I love running.

When I was growing up, I played softball but would never consider myself an athletic person. When I went to college, I never did much exercise, besides walking around campus and such. I never gain the dreaded “freshmen 15”, in fact I lost 10 pounds the first year.

Then my school finished building their new gym and what a beauty it was. I went to Longwood University, which is in Farmville, Virginia. Not this Farmville, but this Farmville. As you can see, very small town. So when the new gym was finished, it was a big deal! At this point I had gained those 10 pounds back plus a little more, due to lack of exercise and a poor diet. I started going to the gym, my junior year, just to check out the new digs. I kept going because I was noticing how bad of shape I was in.

When I graduated this past May, I didn’t have a gym membership in the town where I’m currently living and didn’t really like the idea of paying to exercise. Then randomly one day, I decided to go running. And, they say, the rest is history.

I usually run 4-5 miles per day. I have signed up for my first race. (November 12!) I have even gotten some of my co-workers in on the running bug.

Why I love Running..

1. It’s my me-time- I still live with the ‘rents (it’s cheaper that way) so I have very little alone time.

2. Great time to think- It’s amazing what you think about while running!

3. Comradery- Us runners know it, whenever you see a fellow runner, we nod at each other or maybe even have a little conversation with each other. It’s like we are already friends.

4. Great views- I love running in Richmond, Virginia! Belle Isle, Brown’s Island, Bryan Park etc. Running here is amazing!

5. Exercise- See where this ends up on my list. I first started running a cheap, free exercise. Now I do it more for the reasons above.

I love running



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